Your Kauai Surf Lessons Instructors

Kauai North Shore Surf School instructors have over 100 years of combined surfing experience! All of our surf instructors are professional, curteous, and will make you feel safe in the water!

Keo McBride, Head Instructor of Kauai North Shore Surfing School,

Keo McBride

Born and raised on Kauai, Keo Mcbride has made surfing his passion. He started surfing when he was 6 years old, and hasn't missed a day since. Teaching surfing becomes second nature to him. Beside surfing he also enjoys Stand up Paddling and Fishing. His favorite part of the lesson is the look of excitement when you catch your very first wave and paddle back out for more.

If you have any questions about surfing, fishing or the island of Kauai ask Keo and he'll love to share his knowledge and experiences with you.

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